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Customizing Your Shed

Custom Options

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There are many features which can easily be added to our standard sheds to suit your particular needs. Doors can be configured as man doors, sliding or overhead in most sizes to accommodate your equipment. Windows can be added to control air and sunlight. Center divider walls, feeders and gates are also available to make the best use of your livestock shed.

Most custom configurations can be calculated at $11.50 – $18 per square foot.

Custom sizes can be in widths of up to 15 feet and in lengths of up to 40 feet. Delivery and shipping charges are additional.

Customization Examples

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ONE: Combo 12x24 with Roof & Wall Liner Panel



TWO: Combo 12x36 with 4' Dutch Door

dutch door option


THREE: 12 x 36 with long gable roof; 12 x 12 tack room with dutch and barn doors, wood floor; half walls for feeding



FOUR: 12 x 12 with optional feeders


FIVE: 9 x 20 with optional center wall and gates


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